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Fine line and Hamsa

Since moving my shop from Fortuna to Eureka, business has been much more steady.  We all love the weather in Fortuna but the inconvenience of the location in regards to the population of Humboldt County hurts business . Most clients from Fortuna don’t mind the trip to Eureka to get tattooed as there are usually…

Phoenix design available for tattoo

More progress on this black and grey sleeve

Best in Eureka

Covering up some old undesirable tattoos in old town eureka

Color cover up tattoo

from ugly number tattoo to tiger

New clients

Here are a couple of pictures from stone new clients who found me on Thursday. I was humbled to learn that one of these women is an art professor at Humboldt State University who was pretty objective when researching artists for her first tattoo and ended up choosing me. The butterfly is a cover up….

Outlining a floral sleeve

I really enjoy designing and tattooing large floral tattoos.  I’ve been working on them for a while and the confidence has grown.  Hopefully this post will inspire more like this! Best tattoo artist eureka

Line work for a sleeve

Tattooing in Eureka


I wrote a  paragraph about some of what I experience as people search out tattoo artists. You can read it on my facebook page here.

Pictures of healed California tattoo

Tatttoo shop walk ins welcome

a client form texas visited eureka and thought getting a california tattoo in california made more sense than getting it in texas.

Fortuna High Huskies

Color tattoo

Husky skull


Comic book character