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Been busy

There are plenty of new tattoos I can be posting. Here are  few of my favorites recently on some of the beautiful people here in Eureka.

A couple of new tattoos from recent days

Here is a blck and grey California bear I tattooed on a guy on his way through to oregon. This is a Rose sleeve We’ve worked on for 3 sittings now. I’m looking forward to finishing this one.

Tattoo appointment availability

I’ve been in and out of the shop the last couple of weeks as I try to do a bit if traveling and hanging out with my family now that summer is here.  My schedule is open later in the day for walk ins for the most part as I usually schedule one long session…

Back from exploring Northern California

This past week,  I took my family to explore a little more of this unique and beautiful state we live in. We went to Burney Falls which is about an hour from Redding. We had plenty of fun. After that and 4 days at the Humboldt Fair,  I’m ready to get back to work. I…

Chance for you to win $100 Tattoo gift certificate

In my efforts to gain more clientele and establish my shop in Humboldt County,  I will have a booth set up at the Humboldt fair at the Redwood Acres fairgrounds. I obviously won’t be in the shop tattooing but you can still get ahold of me to set up appointments or consult about tattoos. I…

Ornate floral designs available for large tattoos

Are you looking for a floral tattoo idea but don’t know what to get? I’ve got designs ready for you. Get your birth flower or someone you love’s birth flower with some ornate vines and leaves flowing through it. Visit www.bohemiantattoo.com our contact me at 7072926976 for more info. #peony #rose @fusion_ink @blackclaw @tattoosnob @tattooartistmagazine…

Fine line and Hamsa

Since moving my shop from Fortuna to Eureka, business has been much more steady.  We all love the weather in Fortuna but the inconvenience of the location in regards to the population of Humboldt County hurts business . Most clients from Fortuna don’t mind the trip to Eureka to get tattooed as there are usually…

7 hour tattoo session

I want to share a picture of these lilies I had a fun time designing and tattooing. I love getting a chance to add some of my vision into some artwork and definitely got to with these flowers and the vines connecting them. The placement made it necessary to chop the stencil up a bit…

More progress on this black and grey sleeve

Best in Eureka

Covering up some old undesirable tattoos in old town eureka

Color cover up tattoo

from ugly number tattoo to tiger