Month: January 2017

Polynesian Tribal tattoo


Adding onto an old tribal sleeve

The Benefits of yoga for tattoo artists

I’m Galen.  I’m 38 years old and have been tattooing for about 8 years now.  About 2 years ago I started experiencing back and neck pain as a result of long hours, hunched in a chair, peering at the details of the art piece I’m working on. I’ve talked to numerous artists about ways to…

Chrysanthemum tattoo outline

Fine line tattoo work

Condor outline

Cat Skull floral half sleeve

We’re open on MLK day

Flower designs

Watercolor paintings available for tattoos on side , leg or arm

Napoleon Donald Duck

Eureka tattoo artist

Donald Duck napoleon costume tattoo

Floral side tattooing in Fortuna

Color realistic tattoo

Flowers and leafy filigree on side

Asian sleeve

This is a sleeve in progress. A navy ship with cherry blossoms and Japanese waves.  Done by Galen Luker.

Portrait tattoos on the road

Fortuna tattoo artist

Face tattoo

Black and grey portrait tattoo eureka

This is a portrait that is about 5 years old on a client. Glad to see it still looks good.

Saint Michael and Japanese serpent sleeve

A client who is now a friend named Terrell came in after I made a previous tattoo for him. He brought me a picture of Saint Michael slaying the serpent. I thought it would be great of we incorporated a japan’s v dragon rather than a traditional serpent. Here’s the result.